Diagnostic Testing

Whilst we can uncover a great deal of information in consultation, sometimes more data is needed to get a clearer picture of the underlying issues that may be contributing to dis-ease. We work with world-class diagnostic laboratories that can provide us with deeper insights and vital clues that inform our strategy for optimising your health status, often leading to faster results.

Depending on the test, they typically involve providing one or more of the following samples: breath, saliva, blood, urine or stool. Most tests can be done simply and at home. Blood tests typically involve travelling to a local phlebotomy service which we can locate for you. We will always fully explain the rationale behind any test recommendations and you are in control every step of the way. 

Some of the labs that Saffron Wellness represents include: Genova Diagnostics, Cyrex Labs, Invivo Clinical, Cambridge Nutritional Sciences, MyDNA Health, and others. Below you'll find a brief description of some of the more comprehensive tests we leverage. 


NutrEval® Test from Genova Diagnostics

This unique nutritional evaluation profile:

  • Evaluates overall nutritional status
  • Assesses your functional need for vitamins and minerals
  • Provides insight into your disease risk
  • Includes an innovative “Interpretation at a Glance”
  • Provides clear, personalised recommendations for supplementation:




–Amino acids



Your genes are your tendency, not your destiny. Nutritional and lifestyle habits can change your gene expression. Circumstances in life can cause genes to be silenced (turned off) or expressed (turned on) over time. This means that genes can be activated and deactivated by signals from your environment (nutrition, exercise, sleep, toxins, emotions and stress).

This is the science of Epigenetics! Your health destiny is not written in stone, even if you have genetic predispositions.

Your fully detailed interpreted DNA report will include personalised, colour-coded genotype results together with the environmental factors impacting gene expression and overall health. Working with Saffron Wellness, the results are interpreted and presented in an easy-to-understand report which includes recommendations for lifestyle, nutrition and exercise modifications.

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VITAL DX - Comprehensive blood chemistry

Blood testing is a medically accepted, proven and a reliable assessment procedure providing a wealth of information on your health status. Saffron Wellness is an authorised provider of FunctionalDX blood chemistry analysis, offering the world's most advanced blood interpretation technology assessing up to 80 blood biomarkers.

Developed by Dr Dicken Weatherby, the world leader in blood chemistry analysis and a pioneer in functional health and medicine, we generate the most cost effective, comprehensive and extensive blood chemistry reports in order to uncover health trends that can identify potential dysfunction before it occurs, facilitating powerful leverage points to help you achieve optimal health.

For a list of the blood biomarkers that can be assessed as part of a comprehensive health optimisation programme, click on the Learn More button below.

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Food intolerance Testing - FoodPrint 200+

Why do foods cause an IgG response?

Generally, foods are broken down during digestion into their component parts e.g. amino acids, glycerides etc. These pass harmlessly through the gut into the bloodstream. However, occasionally small fragments of partially digested or undigested foods are able to pass through the gut wall into the bloodstream where they are recognized by the immune system as being ‘foreign’. The immune system responds by making IgG antibodies to these foods.

The CNS FoodPrint® 200+ service utilises state of the art immunoassay microarray technology to detect food-specific IgG antibodies to 220 different foods.