Services - Families

£85/hour - Please call to discuss your requirements.

£85/hour - Please call to discuss your requirements.

Family Nutrition Coaching

Intended for families that want to get healthier together. In the convenience of your own home we explain to the whole family the principles of good nutrition and how food affects all aspects of health. We'll dispel popular nutrition myths, answer your questions and arm the whole family with the knowledge and tools to develop eating habits that promote health throughout life.

Healthy Cooking Lessons

These lessons will aim to teach you the principles of nutritious cooking, from choosing the right oils to healthy alternatives to sugar. Whether you want to learn some healthy new recipes from scratch or you just want to supercharge your family favourites, we’ll arm you with the skills and some great healthy recipes to suit any palette.

Nutrition Kitchen Assessment

Intended for those who want better health for themselves and their loved ones, we review the contents of your kitchen cupboards and fridge in the privacy of your own home. We'll then provide you with an assessment of your kitchen’s health creation/disease prevention status. We tell you where your winning and make recommendations on key areas to help you create a Nutrition Kitchen.

Menu Planning

We’ll work with you to create a tasty, nutritious menu plan for the whole week that caters to any food sensitivities and aims to satisfy the whole family while making the most of your budget.

Shopping Chaperone service

Intended as a follow on from the Nutrition Kitchen assessment, your nutrition consultant meets you at the supermarket and helps you with your shopping, guiding you to the healthiest options and providing inspiration for healthy recipes. We’ll educate you on what to look out for on labels, the ingredients to stay away from and we'll arm you with the knowledge to make the best choices for your budget.