This page is dedicated to the network of affiliated partners helping to make Saffron Walden the healthiest town in the U.K.

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Soft Tissue Therapy, Bike Fit,

Gait/Running Analysis

Personal and Group Fitness Training

or call Call 07941 200152 for more details

Wholefoods for healthy living and being

Every Tuesday and Saturday - Saffron Walden Market
Saffron Walden Town Square

Assessment & Therapy.

Strength & Conditioning.

Sports Massage

If you are in pain, not feeling 100% fit or want to improve your performance in sport then we can help.

Fermented Foods to support optimal health

“All disease begins in the gut”
Hippocrates 400 BC

Unlock potential
Create momentum

Achieve results

Faciitating powerful change in your life

If you provide health & well-being products or services to Saffron Walden and the surrounding community and you’d like to partner with Saffron Wellness, please contact us at