“When I met Mike I was at my all-time heaviest weight which had been steadily increasing each year, particularly after a long stint of travel. At most I would lose a kilo or two and then regain the weight again. i am not the most disciplined person when it comes to food and Mike was the first nutritionist to help me devise better eating habits, which have helped me to lose significant weight and keep it off. he takes an individual approach for each client since what works for one person might not work for someone else. best of all he is very passionate about nutrition and well-being.” Cherine Ghali, Dubai


"For the first time in as long as I can remember, my stomach problems are gone. Thank you!" LL

"I used to have constant sugar cravings and was obsessed with a low-fat diet. Mike re-educated me so that i now make different food choices, including more healthy fats in my diet. I'm now fuller for longer and my cravings and binge-eating are a thing of the past." SW

“Thank you very much for helping me control my belly fat and set me on the road to eradicating it for good. I thought I was following a healthy diet but knew I wasn’t getting it quite right. You have pointed me in the right direction for a healthy and sustainable way of eating and controlling my weight.” VB

"My hair is so much thicker and in better condition these days. Even my hairdresser comments on it." SW

"I absolutely loved learning more about nutrition, and about myself, throughout our work together. My moods seem to be more stable and I don't completely dread my monthly cycle which is now far less painful than before. it is still heavy but I'm not doubled over in pain or having to lay down until I feel better." LH 

"My skin is glowing and I have less blemishes nowadays, too." LH

“Thank you for listening to my concerns and giving me a way of eating that is achievable within my lifestyle and my individual tastes.” VB

"I found the whole experience easy and informative. I have a healthier diet now, have lost the weight I wanted to lose and can better advise my children on what a healthy diet looks like." CH

"I've learned which specific foods were causing me a problem and how to avoid cravings and panic-eating." CH