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nutritional therapy consultation

  • Is your energy less than you want it to be?

  • Do you regularly experience indigestion?

  • Do you catch more than 1 cold a year?

  • If a woman, do you suffer from PMS symptoms?

Nutritional therapy is for those seeking individualised expert nutrition advice in order to address ongoing health concerns and optimise health using nutrition and lifestyle medicine.

The initial nutritional therapy consultation takes approximately 60-75 minutes. We take the time to do a detailed health history and a symptoms analysis to get a 360-degree perspective on your present state of health and your health goals. We then work with you to devise an individualised Health Optimisation Plan with targeted nutritional guidance, a list of Foods to Focus On and potentially Foods to Reduce. In most cases, advice on specific nutritional supplements and lifestyle practices are recommended to help you achieve your goals. At least 1 follow up session is usually advised and can be scheduled at the time or purchased in advance. Enquire about discounts for multi-session bundles.

To get the most from this consultation, it is recommended that the client submit a completed Nutritional Therapy Questionnaire and a 3-day Food Diary within 24 hours of the initial consultation, if possible (download here).

advanced diagnostic testing bundles
including nutrition consultation
to personalise and accelerate results

nutrigenomic testing

Eat right for your genes with cutting-edge Nutrigenomics testing. Saffron Wellness have partnered with the award-winning company, MyDNAhealth™️ to augment your health optimisation plan with a DNA test for a personalised, science-based approach to nutrition, prevention and wellbeing so that you can optimise your genetic potential. We test only for actionable genes that have an epigenetic factor to them i.e. their expression can be modified through lifestyle and nutrition. Your detailed DNA report will include personalised, colour-coded genotype results that are interpreted and presented in an easy-to-understand report which includes recommendations for nutrition, lifestyle and exercise modifications. This package includes the initial consultation and one follow-up session.

To learn more about Nutrigenomics click here.
View a sample MyDNAHealth® report here.

comprehensive nutritional evaluation and diagnostics

This test provides precisely measured insights into your nutritional status and your functional need for specific vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential fats in order to more accurately target your individualised nutrition programme to accelerate results. Saffron Wellness have partnered with Genova Diagnostics to offer NutrEval®, one of the most comprehensive and advanced diagnostic tests available. You will receive a detailed interpretation and analysis of the test results in addition to your full nutrition programme. This package includes an initial consultation with a registered nutritionist and one follow-up session.

View a sample NutrEval® report here.

executive Health Optimisation programme

The full monty! - This service provides a Comprehensive Nutritional Evaluation that includes a NutrEval® test from Genova Diagnostics to evaluate any deficiencies for specific vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids. The service also includes nutrigenomics testing from MyDNAhealth™️ to identify key genetic predispositions that can be addressed with diet and lifestyle modifications. The outcome is to create a customised health and nutrition programme designed specifically to target your nutritional status and support your genes in order to slow down the ageing process and optimise your genetic potential. This package includes an initial consultation with a registered nutritionist and 2 follow up sessions as well as 3 integrative coaching sessions, provided by Javelin Coaching, to help you identify and remove any blocks that may get in the way and arm you with the personal tools and strategy to execute your programme for optimum health.

executive Coaching - in partnership with Javelin Coaching

An integrative coaching session can help you identify the blocks or barriers that may be keeping you stuck or causing you to sabotage your goals.  A series of 1-hour sessions are scheduled in between your nutrition consultations and can be done face-to-face or over Skype, FaceTime or the telephone. These sessions can make all the difference to helping you execute your wellness programme and stay on track to achieve faster results.

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