Glycanage® Test



Ageing is a complex biological process, accompanied by numerous changes at the molecular level. The method of these changes is to a large extent, still unknown.

Our chronological age does not necessarily match our biological age. The difference between these is caused by a complex interaction of genetic and environmental factors that are still largely unexplored. As biological age is not fixed and is impacted by a variety of genetic and lifestyle influences, it provides a much stronger indicator of an individual’s general state of health and of the aging process than chronological age does.

GlycanAge® is a patented, science-based laboratory test that defines the difference between the biological and chronological age of an individual. Using cutting-edge technology, it provides information on a person’s biological age based on analysis of their immunoglobulin G (IgG) glycans.

IgG is one of the most abundant types of antibodies present in our blood. It is extremely important in protecting us from a variety of infectious diseases. Scientific research analysing IgG glycosylation has revealed very complex patterns of changes as individuals age. IgG glycan features provide more predictive information than any other single marker of biological age.

Research performed on over 40,000 individuals worldwide has indicated that IgG glycans in people with unhealthy lifestyles or diseases are associated with premature ageing.

Significantly, the structures of glycans are not hard-wired in the DNA sequence – they are impacted by different genetic, biological and environmental factors. This means they have the ability to change.