This page is dedicated to the network of affiliated partners helping to make Saffron Walden the healthiest town in the U.K.

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Soft Tissue Therapy,

Bike Fit,

Gait/Running Analysis

Personal and Group Fitness Training

or call Call 07941 200152 for more details

Wholefoods for healthy living and being

Every Tuesday and Saturday - Saffron Walden Market
Saffron Walden Town Square

Fermented Foods to support optimal health

“All disease begins in the gut”
Hippocrates 400 BC

Assessment & Therapy.

Strength & Conditioning.

Sports Massage

If you are in pain, not feeling 100% fit or want to improve your performance in sport then we can help.

Unlock potential
Create momentum

Achieve results

Faciitating powerful change in your life

If you provide health & well-being products or services to Saffron Walden and the surrounding community and you’d like to partner with Saffron Wellness, please contact us at